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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Expert Shares A Rock Climbing Lesson Or Two For Novices To Learn


Franz Johann Garcia, a veteran rock climber from Asia who has been
impassioned with rock climbing for almost two decades now, shares his
experience about the sport, as well as a rock climbing lesson or two
for beginners.

"Some say that rock climbing is not merely a way
of life," the former ranking officer of the UP Mountaineers, one of the
premiere mountaineering and rock climbing clubs in the South East,
began. "These people claim that rock climbing IS life, that somehow,
all of life's aspects, from the mundane to the metaphysical, can be
encapsulated in the things you will get to experience in one climb."

is not really true," he quickly denounced. "Rock climbing is NOT life.
The moment you believe it to be such would be the moment you will
magnify the risks tenfold. Rock climbing is a sport; it's as simple as
that. Your safety should always take precedence."

Indeed, this
rock climbing lesson, from a well respected expert at that, should
always be remembered. Believe it or not, some rock climbers do away
with safety equipments like ropes and harnesses to add more thrill to
the sport, to live life to the fullest so they claim. Franz doesn't
think of this as a prudent mentality.

So, what would be a specific rock climbing lesson that a novice rock climber should know before embarking on a climb?

are quite a few, actually," Franz told us. "For starters, make sure
that you have the basic gears with you. I'm talking about a helmet, the
right kind of shoes, a harness, and a rope, though you can share one
with your group."

Speaking of groups, Franz reminds us that we should always scale cliffs and crags with other people.

climbing is a sport laden with so many risks. Going on a climb alone is
more dangerous, since no one would be there to come to your aid
whenever these dangers occur."

Any other rock climbing lesson that novices should learn? Franz was quick to add a couple more.

your legs. Most beginners make the mistake of pulling their weight with
their hands alone. This is disastrous. You arms would get tired and you
might lose grip later on during the course of the climb. Also, do not
neglect the value of training. Strength and endurance conditioning
exercises as well as theoretical lessons should be parts of your
preparations. You can't trek to a cliff and expect to scale a wall
without proper training. You'll just be setting yourself up for
potentially fatal disaster."

In closing, Franz delivers what he feels is the most important rock climbing lesson that anyone should learn.

is your enemy," he said. "Treat each climb with respect, that is, as a
challenge that you are privileged to experience. This would make you
value your safety more than the task at hand. Remember, success can
always be delayed, but your welfare should never, ever be compromised."

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