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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Expert Discusses What Should Be Included In Your Rock Climbing Gear Set

To make the most out of your rock climbing experience, you'd need to be armed with the right rock climbing gear for the same. It's like savoring good food. To prepare the sumptuous delicacy, you'd need the right ingredients and the proper cooking skills. Gears and equipments are the ingredients necessary for the enjoyment of rock climbing, with your training developing the skills you need to do well in this sport.

So, the question is, what should be included in your rock climbing gear set?

We asked an expert in the field, Franz Johann Garcia, a rock climber since 1991, and a former officer of the UP Mountaineers, one of Asia's most prestigious mountaineering and rock climbing associations, to shed some light on the matter.

"The first thing you would need," he said, "is a lot of heart. Though this isn't technically a rock climbing gear, it is still something you should bring with you every time you train and actually embark on a rock climbing expedition. Rock climbing is a scary sport. There are many risks involved. We used to advice people that if they cannot muster enough courage, they shouldn't try rock climbing. The worst thing that could ever happen is to lose heart in the middle of a climb."

Indeed, this is true. Mental fortitude is as much a necessity as physical strength, stamina and endurance in rock climbing. But what about the real gear?

"You need the usual safety gear," Franz answered. "A helmet, non-restrictive pads, first-aid kit... these are the first things that come to mind. They will minimize the risks of injury in the event that an accident would happen."

"Then you also need the right kind of shoes," he added. "These are what we call as approach shoes, complete with clippers that attach to a safety carabineer."

Ordinary shoes though, as Franz clarified, can be used, as long as their soles are non-slippery and you could wear them on your feet very tightly. Mountaineering shoes best fit this description, though not the heavy variety.

"A harness is an absolute necessity," Franz continued. "Ropes are usually provided by the group, and we strongly recommend that you ALWAYS climb with a group. The rope would support you and keep you safe in case you slip while climbing. This rope will be attached to your harness. It goes without saying that your harness should be sturdy and durable."

Franz claims that these are the basics. There are other rock climbing gear options, of course, but they are just ancillary, serving to enrich the rock climbing experience.

Hopefully, with these suggestions by an expert in the field, people would know that rock climbing is an accessible sport, and more people would join in the fun and experience the wonderful experiences that this passion does promise.

Source : rock-climbing-zone.info

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