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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beginning in Rock Climbing Knots

As a novice you should be certain to learn your rock climbing knots before you go on your first climb. Your rope is your lifeline and the last thing you want is to be unsafe on your first adventure. When your life depends on the rope you use it is necessary to understand the degrees of strength that your rope brings to you. This is based a lot on the rock climbing knots that you use. The knots diminish the breaking strength of your rope. A good knot is a strong knot.

The rock climbing knots you learn should fulfill only a few basic needs. They should be easy for you tie. They should be just as easy to untie even after having been used to hold a heavy load. The knot you choose should also diminish the breaking strength as little as possible.

The first and probably most important knot to learn is the figure eight. Even this simple knots has two different ways to be tied depending on whether it is being used to tie equipment to it or if its being used to tie to a harness. This is the most basic and useful knot and is one of the first five that a beginner should learn. It has a good strength rating.

Another of the rock climbing knots that should be learned at the beginning is the bowline. This is the common knot to use when belaying. Belaying is when a climber secures the rope to the rock or to a person. This knot is tricky, as it is known to come undone, which, of course, will never do. Climbers suggest using a half hitch knot to tie the end securely in place.

There are several groups of rock climbing knots that you can learn starting with single loop knots. These are what you use to connect anything to your harness and include the lineman’s loop or the Flemish loop. When you want to attach the rope to something like a bolt you’ve put in the rock face a double loop knot is best. That would include the bowline, double alpine or double figure eight.

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