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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Joys of Rock Climbing Instruction


Before rushing out and jumping into an activity, it would be wise to invest time in a period of instruction. This makes the activity enjoyable because those participating in the activity will be better versed in said activity and there will be less down time due to confusion and inexperience. Also, proper instruction is almost like an insurance policy for those participating because proper instruction reduces the safety risks inherent in inexperience.

When it comes to rock climbing instruction, creating familiarity with the activity and teaching proper rock climbing safety are the main things that are stressed. Rock climbing is particularly dangerous if you do not have the proper instruction. For instance, many novice climbers might not know that each climbing technique calls for specific knots and specific belaying or climbing techniques.

Most basic courses of rock climbing instruction involve teaching rope rigging and climbing, the underlying basic principles of rock climbing, including the use of caribenas, knots, ropes, helmets, pads – and finding and using handholds and footholds. Many times, a quality rock climbing instruction course can be completed in a day, but weekend or multi weekend courses have been known to take place as well.

Now, this does not mean that all rock climbing instruction clinics are taught strictly to the novice. Advanced and intermediate courses dealing with specialty topics are common as well. These courses show that there is never a limit to the learning experience, such as climbing up rocks with gradients so steep that you are actually up-side-down for a period of time. Plus, continuing one’s rock climbing instruction education can put a focus of one’s rock climbing so that climbing never devolves into a routine, stale activity for the enthusiast.

So, a quality rock climbing course has a host of benefits and can provide the basis for a hobby that has the potential for turning into a lifestyle as rock climbing is quite a rewarding (and addictive) activity. So give a good rock climbing instruction course a try!

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