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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rock Climbing Proves That Nothing Is Impossible

Devoted rock climbers will always say that rock climbing is not just a hobby. It's a representation of the drama, the strife, the challenges, the tears and even the comedy of life. Though such a description would be a little too metaphysical for most, it does have a lot of truth in it.

The goal of rock climbing is to find the right series of rock handles in order to get to the top of a cliff or crag. The rock climber is expected to scale the side of this cliff or crag, basically using only his body to achieve the task.

It's the classic man vs. nature theme at play. Left only to his own devices, the rock climber challenges himself to conquer nature's creation by ascending the walls of a headland to reach the very top of the same.

For the uninitiated, it is easy to dismiss rock climbing as mere play. After all, what would be the significance of climbing the side of a cliff to reach the peak when there are easier ways to get there, right?

But the passion is more than what anyone could ever possibly imagine it to be. For starters, climbing the sides of cliffs using your hands and legs is, by far, one of the most physically exhaustive sports in existence. Rock climbers train for months, if not years, before they start scaling rock walls. They engage in a variety of strength and stamina conditioning exercises before they embark on an actual expedition. This includes a regular jog across many miles, which should be done at least thrice a week; indoor wall climbing exercises to keep the body conditioned for the demands of the sport and to keep the mind sharp for the challenges of the same; and strength training programs especially designed for rock climbers.

The actual expedition is even more daunting. Rock climbers would say that even the best prepared of them sometimes surrender to the sheer difficulty of having to scale the most taxing cliffs or crags.

But rock climbing does offer a lot of benefits for anyone who would decide to give it a shot.

* It builds strength.
* It builds endurance.
* It builds stamina.
* It develops mental toughness to enable people to cope up with other problems in life.
* It provides what rock climbers call as the most satisfying feeling in the world once you have succeeded in scaling a cliff or crag.
* It remains a social activity as rock climbers develop a tight bond that is comparable to a brotherhood of sorts.

But the best reward that rock climbing could give you is making you believe that nothing - NOTHING - is impossible for as long as you try your best. This elevates the activity from its classification as a mere sport, to the more prudent description of a passion.

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