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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Portable Rock Climbing Wall Is Coming To a City Near You!

A portable rock climbing wall provides a humanitarian service to those bored with mundane, run of the mill exercises and activities. Now, some may scoff at this idea, but a portable rock climbing wall literally brings the activity into and area or town where the sport of rock climbing may not be easily accessible.

In metropolitan and urban areas, there aren’t any national parks inside the center of a city. So, the volume of rock climbing activities would be nil. Granted, there are those who seem to enjoy climbing up the side of a building, but that isn’t rock climbing. That is skyscraper climbing. Plus there are about a dozen felonies involved with that activity and people who do it usually find themselves arrested and held for psychiatric evaluation. So it is not really all that recommended for rock climbers. And it is a bad sojourn for novices, anyway.

So, in metropolitan (or even suburban areas) much like the circus, a portable rock climbing wall can roll into town and provide an excellent day’s activity for those looking to substitute an active hobby in place of what may have been turning out to be a rather dreary day. Now, this does not mean that every portable rock climbing wall that you see is part of a touring company. Many portable climbing walls are set up in one area and they may stay there for an extended period. This has been done at some universities where the portable climbing wall has been a fixture for entire summers. (They are wise to move the thing into storage during the school year because NO ONE would get any work done if the rock climbing wall was in operation!)

A portable rock climbing wall is a fun way pf bringing an outdoors activity to a city near you. And, considering the popularity of the activity, if a wall hasn’t been erected in your city yet it soon will be.

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