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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rules for Jushua Tree Rock Climbing

The national parks have many rules about what can be done there and still allow the preservation of the wilderness. Rock climbing is allowed in many of them, including the Jushua Tree National Park, but not without strict rules. Jushua Tree rock climbing is permitted only if their unwavering guidelines are followed. They are worried about the huge increase in climbers and the effects this will have on the wilderness. More people potentially mean more damage to the rock faces, increased erosion, garbage from food and the question of human waste removal.

Jushua Tree rock climbing is strictly regulated. The bolts that are already in place can only be replaced if they are unsafe. New ones may be placed but not without your choices being monitored by the park staff. There are guidelines for what you are allowed to do when Jushua Tree rock climbing that you can download from their website before you go there or get them at their offices once you arrive. The bolts are only allowed for what they refer to as their non-wilderness areas. Some climbers use power drills when climbing. You must get a permit to use and that is only allowed in non-wilderness areas.

When enjoying the beauty of Jushua Tree rock climbing don’t forget that you are not permitted to bolt in the areas that are designated as wilderness. They are working towards eventual guidelines that will allow this practice in a limited way but as they are working hard to ensure the impact of Jushua Tree rock climbing in minimal they will not open those rules up by much when their policies change.

When you visit this national park, or any of the others, you must show respect for the nature you are intruding on. Rock climbing is becoming a more popular sport and no one wants to see the outcome of that popularity become the destruction of the few beautiful places that remain untouched by man.

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