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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mad Rock Climbing Shoes Or Bust

Many will contend that though rock climbing is a fast growing sport (or extreme sport for purists out there), its market is still relatively small compared to the other conventional sports in the world. But even if this is true, level of passion is not dependent on the size of the playing field, and for the loyal throng of supporters that rock climbing enjoys, one brand stands tall in servicing their scaling needs: Mad Rock Climbing.

Mad Rock Climbing is considered as the Nike of the rock climbing scene. Its popularity in the industry is beyond compare, so much so that the brand has become associated with the sport. Mention rock climbing to anyone, and they'll immediately have thoughts of Mad Rock Climbing gear.

The most popular in its line of products, however, are the Mad Rock Climbing shoes. There are two types of these performance shoes that cater to the rock climbing market. These are:

1. Rock shoes. These are pairs with soles that are flexible and perfectly arched to provide a better grip on the slabs and holes that a rock climber has to use to navigate his way to the top. The Loco is the model of choice for male rock climbers because of its amazing engineering, fusing elegant design with perfect performance. The Hottie, on the other hand, is a popular choice among the females, as it looks good enough for casual wear, but is possessed of solid engineering design as well, highlighted by its amazing arch that is exclusively formatted to feel comfortable on a woman's foot.

2. Approach shoes. Approach shoes are named as such because they are perfect for the initial push during the first stages of a climb, and they are quite flexible for short distance and direct route scaling. Of the Mad Rock Climbing shoes that fall under this category, the Fanatic and the Apex Trail are the most popular. Their sturdy nature is perfectly complemented by sound engineering design that makes those long treks towards the site a comfortable and safe experience.

There is no doubt as to why Mad Rock Climbing shoes have reached their status as the premiere rock climbing soles in the market. The company's commitment to excellence shows in every product, and with every climb that the rock climber ventures to achieve.

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