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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How Indoor Rock Climbing Do


Indoor rock climbing is one heck of a convenient sporting activity. In years past, had one wanted to climb to the top of Mount Everest, one had to travel half way around the world and actually climb up a big ole mountain. Today, one can climb up any structure that can fit inside a building.

Unfortunately, most buildings can not accommodate mountains or rock walls that are twenty-six thousand or so feet high in altitude. Because of this, those looking to take part in indoor rock climbing have to settle for scaled back models. But that is okay, as indoor rock climbing still provides a host of health related benefits, as well as being a downright fun hobby.

Indoor rock climbing is a great cardio vascular and endurance boosting sport. If one is looking to increase their overall endurance capacity, rock climbing is a top way to go and the indoor version is just as good as well. Rock climbing not only involves increasing one’s heart health, but it can work as a quality calorie burning exercise. Quality means that it not only burns fat, it helps build lean muscle. Other common forms of exercise don’t always do this. Walking, for example, burns fat but also burns a significant amount of muscle as your body interprets walking as a migration for food. (That is, it burns muscle because your body assumes you are starving and avoids burning stored fat) Rock climbing does not have burn muscle. It builds it.

The problem with many cardio and weight loss programs is that they can get really dull in a hurry. The repetitive nature of something like step aerobics can take the fun out of it. Plus, for many people already at a decent level of health and fitness, even the more strenuous programs they are used to become dull over time as more experienced health freaks will constantly crave a new, more challenging activity. Indoor rock climbing can provide that challenging new activity.

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