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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Rock Climbing Harness Is A Climber's Best Friend

When it comes to rock climbing, your most important partner would have to be your rock climbing harness.

face the facts. Rock climbing isn't really the safest of sports. In
fact, it's classified as an extreme sport, with "extreme" being the
operative word. It's fraught with risks... risks that could actually
prove fatal for the untrained and ill-prepared climber. Dealing with
the uncertainties of slab and hole locations coupled with the sheer
height of cliffs and crags, as well as the physical and mental demands,
which can be daunting, associated with the sport, rock climbing isn't
an activity that anyone could join. You'd have to possess physical and
mental fortitude. You'd have to undergo physical conditioning to build
your strength and stamina. And you'd have to equip yourself with the
right gear to ensure your safety.

And of all this gear, a rock climbing harness is the most important.

rock climbing harness is a belt-like tool that you strap into your
midsection, from your crotch to your waist. The rope which is supposed
to keep you safe from a fall whenever you slip or otherwise lose
balance during a climb is attached to your strap, with the other end
passing through the anchor at the top of the cliff or crag and
extending to the base of the climb site, supported by another anchor
and monitored by a human companion. From this description, it is quite
apparent that a rock climbing harness is essential for your welfare.

In choosing a rock climbing harness, you should keep in mind the following guidelines:

* Choose a harness that is sturdy and durable. You wouldn't want it to break while supporting your fall.

* Make sure that the clip where the end of the rope would be attached is made up of metal.

Choose a harness that would complement your body type. Bigger folks
would find full body harnesses quite uncomfortable, for example, while
smaller climbers would find the same to their liking.

* Don't
forget to test the harness before purchasing it. Most rock climbing
shops have indoor wall climbing facilities that would help their
customers test the performance of what they intend to buy. This would
be a great chance to determine the strength and durability of the
harness you are considering.

A harness is a rock climber's best
friend. Selecting one should not be a matter of budgeting alone.
Dependability should be a factor that should precede price.

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