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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Best Of Both Worlds Rock Climbing Photography

Rock climbing photography can be a truly enjoyable experience that takes the recreational activity of rock climbing to a new level. Not only does one get to enjoy the thrill of climbing or scaling a rock structure, they have the additional reward of capturing their experience through the lens of a camera. This camera lens captures the magnificent view that the rock climbing is accorded when he or she reaches the top of the structure they are climbing. On a side note, the more adventurous rock climbers are able to capture their experience by snapping a photo at the half way point. And those looking for the least difficult method of rock climbing photography can take picture of the spot where they are renting their equipment, but that type of photography isn’t always the most thrilling nor are the pictures in any way able to bestow bragging rights. Oh well, we can’t have everything.

Rock climbing photography is one of those rare hobbies that combines two demanding disciplines. Just as rock climbing is hardly something that requires no formal training or instruction, rock climbing photography is not merely grabbing a camera and snapping a bunch of picture. In order to capture the best possible photographs, a photographer really needs to understand what comprises a good picture and what pictures will prove to be the most interesting to someone who likes to look at those type of pictures when they flip through a magazine. In a way, a rock climbing photographer has to know what type of little moments make up the more interesting photos. This type of knowledge can create some truly spectacular rock climbing photography.

So, if one successfully mixes these two disciplines, one adds a greater dimension to each separate, individual discipline which is no small task. And that, in and of itself can act as its own reward.

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