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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rock Climbing Techniques and Safety Habits

Here are some rock climbing techniques and tips that will help you enjoy a safe but fun rock climb.

Rock climbing is a dangerous sport and should be taken very seriously. No amount of rock climbing techniques can ensure your safety during a climb. Being safe all depends on your skills and in being prepared. You must ensure that you decrease your risk by ensuring that you have the right gear and that you check the safety of your gear before the climb. For beginners, you should pick up the appropriate gear and make sure that it is not too heavy for you to carry while rock-climbing. Therefore you must ensure you have all of the necessary gear to embark on this journey but at the same time cover only the essentials.

Before going into the actual climb, you should ensure that all knots and buckles are working, that all damaged gear has been properly replaced, that you know who you are climbing with and what they are capable of, that the weather is not too dangerous for climbing, and that your rappel system is functioning properly. This way you can make sure your climb is fun but safe for you and your friends.

Once you have ensured your safety, you can now focus on the rock climbing techniques you can use in climbing. The first basic technique is the cross through, where you simply cross your one hand over the other to get to a hold. Another basic technique is the hand foot match, where a climber must put their hand and foot on the identical hold at the identical time. The drop knew technique is a step back and where one knee drops down while the other is facing upward. This is used when a climber overhangs on a rock. A high step is when a climber puts their foot on a high hold. Climbers frequently use the foot switch technique, where they will switch the foot on a hold with their other foot to ease in getting to the next hold. When a climber uses both hands together on a hold they are said to be matching.

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