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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On Choosing The Best Pair Of Rock Climbing Shoes

As you are now ready to make your first climbing excursion you are ready to buy your equipment. A good place to start is with your footwear. Buying the right rock climbing shoes is essential to your safety when scaling that rock face. The thing you need to understand is that there are at least three types of them to choose from depending on the type of climbing you prefer.

When buying rock climbing shoes its best to shop at a store that caters to this market. They may even have an artificial rock wall for you to try the shoes out on. The first types of shoes are the most basic and are used for long climbs. They are supposed to fit somewhat looser than other types. The benefit of this type of shoe is supposed to be hours of comfort. These are traditional shoes.

The second type of rock climbing shoes is called sport shoes. These are for more challenging climbing like face climbing or even for use in the climbing gyms. These fit more tightly than the others. The final type is a performance shoe. These are not for use by the beginner. They are for the more difficult climbs and are also used by rock climbing competitors.

When you go shopping for rock climbing shoes don’t be in a hurry. How this shoe fits could save your life. You want the shoe to be a good snug fit. This isn’t a purchase you’re making to find a pair of slippers or dress shoes to go with that new outfit you’ve just bought. Don’t buy for appearance. Nobody cares what color they are. Buy for correct fit. If you don’t find the right thing, don’t buy anything. Find another store. Keep looking until you have the right footwear.

Since your buying your first pair of rock climbing shoes its recommended that if they are for outdoor climbing you buy the traditional climbing shoes. But if its indoor climbing at a climbing gym you definitely should purchase sports shoes. Depending on your climbing plan, you may need both.

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